Mathilde Fouquet

Mathilde is 35 years old, lives in Paris and you can feel it in her fashion, in her style.
Having grown up between France and the Ivory Coast, she expresses herself from an early age through drawing and writing. Thanks to the travels that punctuated her childhood, the ethnicities and codes of diversity were imprinted in the different forms of artistic expression that she experimented with.
The desire to travel being present in her, Mathilde left to live in New York for a year where she discovered the profession of Photo Stylist while starting to write about the new designers she met through a blog.

Back in France, she is quickly recruited as Fashion Editor by the Dreamag group which includes the fashion websites MyPrestigium, Prestigium and Buybuy.

She became Head of the Fashion Section and worked for the group for 4 years as Editor and Stylist.

Since 2015, she has been commissioned by fashion brands, advertising agencies and television to use her experience as a Stylist, Fashion Editor or Consultant.

Sharing, exchanging, telling beautiful stories and awakening emotions through polished and aesthetic images, such are her maitres mots -

From Paris to London, from Milan to New York, here & elsewhere.


Tel: 06 17 74 27 84




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